Mo Anand (1979 – )

I’ve always felt that I’ve lived a fairly unique life.  Born in Berlin, Germany, to Indian parents and now living in Michigan in the US of A has brought about three different cultures that I’ve been able to integrate.

From 1979 to 1988, I was in Berlin before moving to Michigan the day after I turned 9.  I’ve lived in Michigan since then.

From the very early ages, my life was defined by the love of:  films, books, and writing stories.  I remember my first gift that I received was an autobiography of Charlie Chaplin.  I was hooked on movies from that point forward.  My second gift – my father’s diary – was the revelation that I can write about pretty much anything.  Today, I use movies and books to inspire my own writing.

Today, I live in the Metro Detroit area with my wife and four children, who also give me inspiration every day to continue to follow my dreams.

I hope you find this site revealing and inspiring to your own journey.  I hope you find yourself motivated.